Original Dune Buggy!!! stick shift 4 speed!!!!!!

8o km (49.7 Miles) from Bavaro, via La Ceiba and El Salado to the Beach of Macao and back to Bavaro
Start point Xtreme Buggy shop Bavaro
Our half day excursion start in the Morning from our Buggy shop
Driving in the Punta Cana country si
On the way to our first stop.
Francisca, Coffee in the countryside
Hot & sweet Dominican coffee
See the real Dominican Republic
Have a look how people really live in Dominican Republic
Limestone Mine, half day excursion
Drive your Dune Buggy through a Limestone mine on our half day excursion
Happy on Xtreme Buggy tour
Little stop after driving through the mine
Xtreme Buggys driving in Punta Cana
On the way to La Ceiba, El Salado and Macao
Little shop
Little Shop drive by
Colmado in Macao
Stop for a little snack at a colmado in Macao
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Pick up from the Hotel’s in Bavaro area. The Dune Buggy Tour starts from the Xtreme – Buggy Place in Bavaro. After the briefing where the guide will explain rules and signs we take off. From here the tour goes into the Dominican Country side, passing by small colored houses and wonderful nature. The real Dominican Republic.
We have our first stop at an original Dominican Colmado (local grocery store) for a delicious Dominican Coffee and to peek inside the Dominican lifestyle on the countryside. Following the natural path passing by palm trees, plantain plantation, cow paddy’s until we reach the Limestone mine where we will drive one round. Next to the Mine we cruise over farmland and passing by at the houses where the workers live .
Driving on until we come to paved road on the way to La Caiba and Macao. Before we reach Macao beach we will make a stop at the Colmado (grocery Store) here you can have a look where the local people from the country side do their daily shopping and we will also have a little Snacks and Drinks here. At Macao you’ll find one of the last natural beaches without Hotel. We stop for a short bath in the ocean. It is to hard to resist!

From Macao beach we drive back to Bavaro..Back at the Xtreme Buggy Place, we will bring you back to your Hotel.

You have to be in "normal health condition"  to go on one of our excursions. If you have any doubts please contact us. 

We go under all weather conditions (might stay home during a Hurricane) . Please dress apropiately. 

The driver needs to put on shoes that are closed at the heel ( sandals or water shoes are fine ) NO FLIP FLOPS

Each Buggy has a box on top. Please bring everything you could possible need, like: Towel, bathing suit, sun lotion, bug spray, medication (especially if you are allergic to something), Bandana, 

We provide googles, but you might want to bring your sunglasses.

Everyone has to sign a liabilty release before going on our tour ( Parents sign for children under 18 years) 

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